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    I am pulling, twisting and pulling, twisting, saying a prayer and pulling, going to the gym to work out and then pulling, pretending the Touchstone is my boss's neck and then twisting and pulling..


    Anyone have the same problem? If so, how did you resolve it!? ARGGGGH!
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    Once you stick that baby down, its glued there pretty good. You have to just pull in one direction and it should come up. It took me several tries to get mine to pull up. Just yank on it from front to back or vice versa. It should come up. Its tough, but it will give way and budge. Hope this helps.
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    I had the same problem. I put it on my desktop and later tried to move it... it was stuck down good. I torqued it a bit and it finally came off.

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    I dont own one yet, but I would think a blow dryer would work.
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    Carefully Insert butter knife or similar thin flat edge to break seal.
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    It is not adhesive; heat will not help. The first time I stuck mine to a clean surface for a couple of weeks it was very hard to remove. My solution was to stick it and unstick it on a slightly dusty surface a few times. The dust that got stuck on it reduced its grip.

    If you again want it to be super sticky, clean off the dust with a bit of scotch tape.
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    I don't know what happened to mine but the stick isn't there anymore. I rely don't care but it would be nice if I got it to work again.
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    i told you not to use that crazy glue !!
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    I stuck mine to a coaster...and now its mobile.
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    I never removed the plastic film from the bottom of mine so I would be able to take it with me when I traveled for work.
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    Mine sticks good but its still easy to pull off.
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    you can also wipe the bottom off with a wet lint free towel. As long as you let it dry, it will stick, but it wont stick when wet.

    On removing, i would assume using a butter knife like mentioned above, or a putty knife would work. just carefully go around the touchstone with either to get in between the table and dock.
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    I made this mistake and stuck it on the wall next to my bed. Upon removing, the touchstone took some paint with it. Oops. There goes my deposit.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Spyral View Post
    I made this mistake and stuck it on the wall next to my bed. Upon removing, the touchstone took some paint with it. Oops. There goes my deposit.
    Did the same thing a while ago (and have a thread about it somewhere with pictures), now I have a C shaped mark the size of the Touchstone because of only a little bit of paint staying on.

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