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    I've got motorokr s305 headphones, but I'm just talking about the bluetooth options in the pre. When I'm making a call, or have my headset off (my head) and am receiving a call, sometimes I forget that the call goes to the headset... Because that is what a phone is for . I'd like to be able to turn off calls for my headset, and just have the music service running. Is there a way/patch to do that?
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    I haven't seen a way to do this stock and doubt it exists. And I believe all A2DP headsets usually have the phone profile too. I would think that it might be possible to hack the pairing process to not find the phone headset profile of the device, but I've not played with Bluetooth much at all from the programming side of things.
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    I hope palm adds this option.. I have a sony bluetooth stereo and want the same thing.

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