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    I got a touchstone as a gift, i got a palm USB cable, i connect my touchstone to my computer using the USB cable and my phone does not charge.

    I have another touchstone at home connected to the standard A/C adapter that it comes with the Pre and it works fine.

    Does anybody have Touchstone to computer using USB cable?

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    Its stated on palms support site that the touchstone isnt compatible with a computer USB connection. The computer's usb port doesnt output enough energy for it to work.
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    I thought was going to be cheaper rather than buying the A/C adapter. Which now I will need to buy. Thanks for the info
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    Try eBay seller, reaganwireless. I've bought 2 chargers so far but by now, he may be sold out. Last price was $9.99 for the same charger that comes with the Pre as well as the long USB cable.

    Otherwise, you can find them cheap from other sellers, I'm just familiar with him and several others have also had great luck with him.
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    Has anyone tried either of the following:

    plugging the touchstone into a powered USB hub, one with a separate mains adapter.


    using a 'Y style' USB cable, one that has two full size USB plugs on one end (for more power) and one small one on the other. You sometimes get these cables with small external hard drives, I have one but it's got a USB mini plug and the needed USB micro plug (even if it did have the right plug you would likely have to modify it to get it to fit in the touchstone).
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    Yes, and yes. Neither works.
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    Two USB standards exist for power available. Regular "high power" ports support 500 mA current. When the two data lines are shorted together, the device is indicating that it can provide 1000 mA (1A) of current. This is what is required for the Touchstone.

    It MIGHT be possible to power it via two USB ports if you shorted the data lines together. But it also might be a way of killing your USB power bus. Many USB plugs only support just over 100 mA of current.

    I bought some Kindle 2 power supplies off Amazon and trimmed the plugs to fit. We use 3 Touchstones setup with the Kindle power supply and all have been fine.
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