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    Hi, so I bought a pair batteries off ebay, which were described as being for the treos and pre. I then, after purchasing, read the post about how old batteries have a bad chip, and I'm 99% sure they're not Pre batteries.

    My question however is, can they be dangerous to use for short periods? 95% of the time I always have access to a charger and am perfectly fine with the standard battery. However, I am worried about the 5% of the time when I'm on a trip and having a spare battery in the pocket would be handy. Would this be safe or do I need cough up the molah for a real battery?
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    Batteries, even the oem palm ones are relatively cheap if you look on ebay or the forums. I myself sell OEM Pre batteries for $14.

    Palm says it's not safe to use those batteries, however before I had spare Pre batteries I would use my old 800w battery for about 2 months and it was fine...

    I'm guessing if the back of your phone gets too hot stop using the battery....

    I'm just giving my .02, but to be honest who knows how it will be in the long run
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    I bought two Centro batteries on Ebay a few months ago and use them in my Pre on a regular basis. I have not had any problems and they seem to work just as well as the stock Pre battery.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jpdaballa View Post
    Palm says it's not safe to use those batteries,
    Translation: We can't make any money if you use your old batteries so our marketing department has made up some BS about "special magic batteries" that the Pre must use in order to be safe.
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    I've been using my old Centro batteries since I got my Pre when it first came out. I actually think they perform better than my Pre battery, but it's probably just psychological, hehe. In any case, they seem to work just fine. No problems and I drain/use my Pre a lot.
    The Pre batteries (and some Centro batteries) are different from (older?) Centro batteires, though. I have a usb battery charger that is very small and great for travel. It plugs into my laptop's usb drive and has two prongs to charge most phone and compact digital camera li-ion batteries. It charges most of my Centro batteries, but cannot charge the Pre battery and one of my Centro batteries.

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