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    So I found a scrap piece of metal today at work and figured I'd make myself a car mount for my touchstone. I forgot to take a picture of the scrap before I cut it so I'll lead off my pictures with the cut piece sitting with the left over metal.

    And here the mount is sitting on my tool box like it will on my dash.

    Side Shot.

    I decided to velcro the touchstone to the mount because of the stories i've heard on here about summer temperatures affecting the unit. This way I can just throw it in the glove box in the summer.

    Touchstone on the mount.

    I added a small piece of foam to the bottom so just in case the phone does bounce off the mount it won't slam into metal when it falls.

    And shots of it in my jeep.

    Now all I need is someone to write me a patch to turn no doze on as soon as the phone starts charging.
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    What happens when you brake hard?
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    Looks good man. Nice job!

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