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    I have a problem with the Jawbone 2. I can listen and speak OK, but when I try to end a call with the device, it doesn't end. It happened after the 1.2.1 WEBOS update and then it worked fine. It was working fine after the 1.3.1 update, but now it's having the same problems. Anyone else having the same issues? Any suggestions? Do I have to resynch the device?
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    My jawbone2 is working great. Re pairing your jawbone with Pre might help.
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    Yeah, mine seems to be working fine after the update as well. I would probably delete the profile and re-pair it. Also, I have spoken with support for another Jawbone I had and they are very helpful to deal with.
    Mark W. Mebane
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    Hey guys. Problem solved. I re-synched the device amd it works!

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