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    Has anyone tried the Amzer full jelly case seen in YouTube video " DJai_nGlgQw " ? (The forum won't let me post links yet...)

    This is not the Hybrid one which leaves a corner unprotected. I'm not so happy with the hard cases with the tabs, and wanted something more flexible and shock resistant. Also interested if it works with the TS. I guess you could easily cut a circle in the back for the TS though, as soft silicone jelly would be easy to cut with an X-acto blade.

    In researching elsewhere, there was mixed reviews. Some say the top half doesn't stay on the phone well. Was thinking a light coating of spray mount (temporary glue) on the inside of the skin would help.
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    I have not personally used one. Every time I went to buy one their where outta stock . The video makes them look good. Not to bad on the dollar side either. The people that I know that have had it had no liked it to much. I head the top falls off in your pocket (Who would guess with a case like that with cloth :P) and when you use the slider the 2 parts sometimes rub together and fall off.

    If they are install I will most likely buy one and review it for my self. As they are cheap and could be useful in some ways or another!

    An for the people who want to know what case we are talking about?

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    Quote Originally Posted by BobKy View Post
    I'd rather see an unbiased review....not from some company who is selling them.

    Silicone cases are dust magnets, even the ones that claim to be "dust free." Also, the "grippiness" that holds the case to the phone also grips the inside of your pocket, making it nearly impossible to remove the phone. I can see this 2 piece design coming apart every time I take it out of my pocket.

    I do like the blue one, though.
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    I pulled the trigger and ordered one from Amazon for $15. Will advise after I get it and try it out. I'm pretty handy with adapting things and hope to improve any weaknesses it may have. I also plan on cutting a circle in the back for the TS, but will try first without a hole.

    I have dropped several of my past Treo 700s since they were so slippery. I don't mind having to dig out my phone from my pocket if it sticks in my hand better. Might help against pick-pockets as well (I live near NYC). I also think the silicone would be better at absorbing drop shocks, as my wife is gravitationally challenged.
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    I'm not happy with this silicone case. The front is too small to stay on, and I have tried at least five different adhesives that don't work.

    It seems that the front slider of this phone is so small, that there is no gripping surface, and the silicone is flexible and unsticks from any adhesives.

    The clip on type seem to be the only ones that work for the Pre.
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    I am looking for a silicone skin protector skin. Are there any viable options out there? This was last posted in '09--has any one found any yet?
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    As far as silicone I don't think so. They work good on a solid phone with no slider. Its the slider that makes this case not so good. Id go with a Sprint or VZ case. They are the best IMO.

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