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    I tried connecting my Palm Pre to a Sony MBR-100 Music Bluetooth Receiver. It is discoverable on the Pre but when I enter in the Passcode (0000), it says pairing failed. Any ideas? Does that mean they are not compatible? Thanks for any help!
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    good luck
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    I'm having the same problem with the Pre and the MBR-100. I'm also having trouble getting the MBR-100 to pair up with my old Centro, but the MBR connects with my laptop. This is most frustrating--
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    The instruction pamphlet is a bit cryptic, but you need to "prepare" the device for pairing. When the MBR-100 is off (no flashing lights), hold the button down for at least 5 secs until the status light flashes alternating red-green. Then you can enter the 0000 passcode and the pairing will work.

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