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    Well, last night was my first night with Preware. It's awesome, but when I came home to charge my Pre on my Touchstone for the first time since patching, it wouldn't begin the charge. The battery power as a percentage patch usually shows the numbers in blue when it's charging I believe, but when I put the Pre on the TS, it didn't react at all.

    I'm currently webOS Doctoring my Pre right now, so I should be able to get everything back to normal, and try patching again. I just figured I'd ask.

    Here's a list of what I can remember installing:

    Virtual keyboard (pretty nice to type with, but not to bring up and put away)
    Battery as a percent icon
    Date on the top bar in the xx/xx format
    All day events in the calendar month view
    Extra time options for calendar reminder notifications
    Launcher pages in 4x4 v3
    Launcher page adder/remover
    Message time stamps
    Message conversations in their own card
    Message audio and video attachment sending
    LED notification
    Orangeish theme
    Call history duration listing
    Email Rocknroller
    PDF Rocknroller
    Streaming files downloadable through browser
    YouTube video downloading
    And maybe there was some more stuff, but that's what I remember. That's a pretty nice list, imo. Palm sure could attract some users by making those standard.

    Well, if anyone can think of why my Touchstone wasn't charging, let me know.

    I've been typing throughout the process and I'm now to the Palm Profile backup restoration process. The touchstone is working again.
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    I'm not aware of any patch that deliberately interferes with the Touchstone. I have many (but not all) of these same patches that you do and I haven't had any problems.

    I'm not as technically inclined as many others who are here on the forums so I don't know what could be causing your problem. Then again, it could be just one extraordinary coincidence.
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    Quote Originally Posted by BenRagunton View Post
    Then again, it could be just one extraordinary coincidence.
    Yeah, I wonder if the battery percentage indicator was tricking me, or the theme art was preventing it from showing the charge. I don't think so since with a corded charge, the color turned blue.

    Anyway, it's nice to have done the WebOS doctor. I'm downloading the 1.3.1 update again now, so the process is progressing smoothly.
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    The new 1.3.1 DR is up I thought?
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    I thought so, too. Maybe it is, I just got it when I ran WebOSQuickInstall today, and the WebOS Doctor set me at 1.2.1.

    I hope this doesn't give me problems, since it seems my Palm profile remembers my yahoo accounts and stuff. So far, I'm not back into my email, calendar, contact, and message data yet. I'm not gonna panic till after the update, if it doesn't let me in.
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    Directly from Palms' site you can download the 1.3.1 Dr.
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    This happened to me a couple times but I don't think it was the patches. I have a seidio cover on my pre and I placed it on the TS and it started going crazy ie (the charge notification would keep going on and off) I took the cover off and place the pre on the TS and it wouldn't charge. I did a reboot and it corrected whatever was the problem
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    Yep, seems to be those pesky, delicate, little pins on the inside...Be CAREFUL, but once I made sure they were both sticking up so they could connect with the back everything was fine.

    I changed my Pre out for a new one today due to those pesky cracks near the USB port. I think when the "helpful" lady at Sprint put my touchstone back cover on, she must have bent those pins (or something). Hopefully this fixes it and I never have to open it back up

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