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    Ok, this is the weirdest thing. After the update 1.3.1 this weekend. My wall charger charges the Pre normally during the day, but when I put it on the charger at nite. It starts charging, shows the lighting symbol, the symbol stays on until the morning. But by morning the batter had stopped being charged since like 1 or 2 am pst.
    Then in the morning, I unplug it from the Pre, plug it back in and it goes on to charge to 100%.
    Has anyone had this weird timed out charging issue ?
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    I haven't had that problem. Although, when I put mine on the charger at night the next morning I have to reboot because it says I have a "not enough memory" problem. Until this update my phone worked perfectly. Now it's all kinds of piddly problems. Palm should allow people to stay with their current firmware if the so desire. Very disappointing effort from Palm.
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    I am a new last week Pre user (1.3.1 version). All was going fine until I got my touchstone and found the phone dead in the morning. Phone locked in, started charging just fine and appeared to be A-OK when I went to bed. After two dead batteries in the morning, I decided to bring the touchstone to work and watch what was happening. Phone very low on charge (18-20% I think), locked in and charged up to 100% in about an hour (great!). Happened to take phone off to use it and when I placed it back on T-stone, it went into this Bing/charging, bing/charging spiral (which I assume will result in a dead batter as it has the last two nights). No amount of "adjusting" the unit on the T-stone would stop it. Have removed it to use some charge, will test it again and once bing/charge cycle starts, will leave it on to confirm my suspicions. John K.

    Update 11/20
    Confirmed theory that phone charges fine on Stone when not at 100%. Charged from 30 to 100% with no problem, then soon after started the Bing/charge cycle. Confirmed again this morning that low charge hooks up and is charging as it should. I can remove, reset, mess with, and generally try to make it unhook but as long as the batter is below 100%, the Stone works just fine. Also installed the Invishield (man, what a buggar that was to get the bubbles out). Looks good now and no impact on screen operation.
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