I have a black Seidio innocase currently but I am only using the front right now.

Why? Well, with the back on the phone is thicker, doesn't connect as well with the touchstone, and it is harder to get to the battery to swap it when I need to. Plus, when I can by a new back for less than $20 ($10 some places) I don't see the point in protecting the back.

I took the case off altogether and then dropped my Pre and chipped the front corner a bit. So I do see the point in covering the front.

The problem is that the front only solution leaves a sharp edge around the phone. I would like a snap on that is designed not to be used with a back. It could be rounded in areas and maybe extended a bit beyond the top half so it blends in with the body.

Does anyone else like this idea? Any suggestions?

I may try to sand down the sides of my Innocase a bit and see if that works but a clip on front designed for this use case would be the best!