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    Dont really want to drop $70 on a touchstone kit. Any news on OEM touchstones?
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    I haven't heard a word, and I don't expect to. The box is not excessively flashy, and only contains the touchstone, a back, and a tiny leaflet of instructions. There's really not much to take away for an "OEM" version.

    On the bright side, there's also no reason at all to pay $70 when you can get them through the store link at the top of this website for $50.
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    Amazon usually has them pretty cheap.
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    ebay! you can get them cheap on auction!
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    I've got a barely used touchstone and/or Seidio innocase that I've been meaning to sell, but haven't put in the time to do so. PM if interested and we can work out the details. Make me an offer I can't refuse

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