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    just wondering if anyone can suggest one. The one that came with it is ok but I need one with a clip on the mic and also the ear bud types. Normal earphones don't sit right in my ears and fall out.
    not looking for anything expensive either. I've not seen many for the pre and most of my searches keep pointing me towards handsfrees for the treo. Are these the same and will they answer calls and control the music player the way the original handsfree does?
    thanks for any help
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    Most headset controls are fully compatible with the media player, if it works on anything else it'll work on the Pre. Some people have problems with Bluetooth ones, but I can't complain on the 3 or 4 I've tried so far.

    As far a suggestions I'd just keep an eye on, they have headsets every so often, they even have a woot-off today.
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    Both my husband and I ordered these, and they are AWESOME. Three different sizes of eargels, really comfortable, amazing sound quality on music, video, and phone calls. Highly recommend them. We got them fairly quickly as well.


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