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    i have recently found that my pre headphones also work with my ipod touch 2g for adding a mic. i used the voice memo app. and it picks up sound like a charm. i havent tried it on fring or anything, but im betting it will work. i would like to know if it works for others aswell
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    I confirm: I ran Siphon (VoIP app) on my son's iPod Touch 2G with the Pre's earphones/mic plugged in. Clear and loud!
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    Cool find!

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    If any of my posts help you please thank me!!
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    that was my first post. and i see people have a rep. on how many thanks u get, so if anyone can throw in some thanks it would be greatly appreciated. thank you

    also glad to see some replies and that it actually wrks.
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    i was gonna give away my pre headphone, but now i can use is with my ipod touch. Thnx

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