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    Phantom Skins with tabs cliped / innocase protective case ....excellent imo !!!
    Here is a direct link to webOS Doc for all carriers
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    I have a Zagg Invisishield and I love it...if you have bubbles in yours, then you just did it wrong. The bubbles should work themselves out in a week or so. I am pretty clumsy, but if you watch their installation videos it is easy.

    $15 is a small price to guarantee that you aren't going to scratch your phone by accidentally putting your keys in the same pocket. That happened to my Instinct...will never have another phone without one of these things.

    Find the best webOS apps.
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    I have all of the main ones for my Pre so far. (BSE, PhantomSkinz, BodyGuardz, Zagg, etc..) thatnks to my wife going through 4 Pre's.

    I like the Bodyguardz the best closely followed by PhantomSkinz. Zagg was solid too. I can't remember what I liked about Bodyguardz over them. BSE are not worth it anymore. The other products are better.
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    PhantomSkinz looks great on my phone.. It has been on my phone for 3 months and it looks like it did the day I put it on.
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    I just applied a brand spankin' new Boxwave crystal clear to my replacement Pre. I love 'em. My GF has the Boxwave anti-glare on her Blackberry and she loves it. Boxwave all the way for me.

    BTW, to the OP, the Boxwave anti-glare is the one you're looking for. It definitely feels like paper.
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    Thanks for nothing guys, I just got my phantom Skinz screen protector and it is HORRIBLE
    In my honest opinion it's the complete opposite. It's one of the few protector's I ever added to a device (only previous one was to my PSP), and I got my first one installed nearly flawlessly. The only thing I don't like are the flaps, other then that it was easy to get on and I can't tell it's even installed half the time.

    All because you don't like it does not make it bad.
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    Quote Originally Posted by yoe View Post
    I wanted a screen protector for my Pre, so I bought one.

    Palm Pre Clear Screen Protector w/ Cleaning Cloth

    It sucks... too thick, and you can clearly see the edges of it around screen.

    I want the one that feels like paper when you touch it.. does anybody have a good recommendation?
    We offer the Anti-Glare which gives you that smooth textured feel... However, I would recommend the Crystal because its clarity allows the Pre to maintain its sleek design without being obstructed!

    heres a photo:
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    Don't try the ZAGG. I hate it. It has a wierd shimmer and nasty rubbery feel.
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