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    I had to do the webos doctor recently because of the 1.3.1 update (finally got that corrected, but what a pain) and realized today that it deleted my bluetooth connection with my hands free system in my car. My question involves the "Device Name". Is our Palm Pre phone's name listed under Device Info? Can we change the Pre's name at that location? When the webos doctor was run, it apparently changed my Palm Pre's name and I need to change it to what it was so I can have access to the phone book on my car's system. Hope that made sense....bottom line....where do you change the Palm Pre's name on the phone?
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    Device Info is the correct place to change the name.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bd5times View Post
    Device Info is the correct place to change the name.
    I just assumed I couldn't change it when it wasn't in the Bluetooth prefs app... Thanks!
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