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    This thread is about the Touchstone in the CAR, which for space constriction, I will use the acronym TS!!!! SO if your problems are elsewhere, disregard this post unless your answer may lay within.
    I had problems with the TS where I had to tap the charger, which was brand new, to get the TS to engage. It was driving me nuts. I finally received a post from a very ingenious man who told me that I may have done a bad solder job, which he specifically referred it to as a 'cold solder joint'.

    What was happening with the TS was that when I placed the Pre on it, I got nothing. That is until I tapped the charger oh so lightly. Low and behold, the TS turned on and the Pre would charge. I did this for about 5 days until I got the post about the cold solder joint possibility being the problem. I took the charger apart and examined the solder job which now that I think about it, it was rather horrible! I was able to pull the solder off with two jiggles back and forth very lightly. After that sadness, I realized I did in fact do a poor solder job.

    After letting the solder iron get to proper temperature, I simply touched the tip of the iron to Pins 2 and 3, and within a split second, I saw something amazing. It was called the correct way to solder right in front of my eyes. The solder flowed so nicely between the pins and formed as if done in the lab. Not only did I learn something on this topic, but I fixed my problems causing me much grief. The TS now works flawlessly every time!!

    Now I can continue my quest of hiding the charger underneath the kick panel, running the positive terminal from the charger to the positive 12volt source from a spare fuse location, inserting a 15amp fuse, and running the ground terminal to the chassis ground on the car. This will free up my one and only 12vDC output in my '06 Civic.

    The only thing I can't seem to decide on is whether I want to run a 3.5mm to 3.5mm male to male straight to the Pre using a retractable cable, or running the cable hidden and keeping the retractable cable as a spare when I have other people in the car with their IPODS and whatnot mp3 players.

    One thing for sure is I am completely anal about showing cables and professionalism. When I am done, I will post the final results for you all to see and hopefully give you the motivation you need to do it yourself.

    Pea soup!

    If anyone is interested as to why the TS was working when I tapped it, or if you have any ideas, please respond to this thread or PM. I am interested in what other Electrical Engineers, or anyone else with experience for that matter for any theory's they may have.
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    The inserted link is about a COLD SOLDER JOINT
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    Hot topic huh?
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