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    Well, I said 'or otherwise' but I don't know what I'd be imagining otherwise to be. I saw some comments about this quite a while ago but I can't find a thread on it. I love my Pre and most things about it but I just don't 'get' why we can't have a Bluetooth keyboard. I had keyboards for taking conference notes and writing emails for many of my Treos... I know they were IR but...

    I just don't see why we have to take a step backwards like this. Can someone please explain it to me so I can figure out who to plead with or yell at?

    It seems almost as much of a no-brainer as the fact that we still can't edit a document or listen to (though I did get a workaround for that one.) I don't need a workaround for document editing. I don't do enough...but there is just no workaround ro substitute for a big keyboard...
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    Well I can explain the "why" ... the Pre just doesn't support the required Bluetooth Profiles (SPP and/or HID I believe). From what I can tell, this is not uncommon (don't think the iPhone has this either), so I suspect it's not a trivial task.

    As to the "who to yell at", that's tougher ... there is a "request" page on Palm's web site, so that's a good place to start. While I agree it would be nice, I suspect it's not high on their priority list and they have a *lot* to do ... but more people requesting it could possibly move it up.
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    without a keyboard & document editing this has turned into an expensive toy. I have to admit I miss my treo's functionality. But Being a palm fan for years I'm trying to be patient... Trying very hard.

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