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    i've tried and seen lots of hard cases for the pre but
    all of their taps seem to break off.

    is there no case that the tabs stay in place?!

    this is really frustrating for me arggh
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    YES the sprint case has no tabs. Just rails that connect. go to the sprint store web site or a local sprint store to check it out! If you can wait ebay it. it will cost some where around $15. Rather than $30! Hope this helps!
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    I'm very happy with mine, nothing has broken off at all for the 3 months I've had it, I don't remember which it was but it's the cheap 4 dollar one off amazon, I think I would've liked a gel one better but I have to say it makes it feel sturdy.
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    hey thanks for your replies. im in canada. , so i guess ill check out the sprint one on the website and see if they can ship it here.

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