Picked up a pair of these to use with my Pre. The first pair wouldn't charge up properly, returned them to the store and got a new pair and they are beautiful.

Really crisp sound, a choice of two ear piece fittings so you can get the best fit possible, controls on the sides that work with both the phone and the music player in the Pre flawlessly. (Stop/start song, move next/previous track, volume.) The unit has a multi-function button that sets up the handshaking mode at the start, then after acts as the power button, stop/start song button, and pick up/hang up button for the phone.

Phone quality is pretty much like you are both on speaker phones. I don't have experience with other Bluetooth dedicated phone earpieces, so I can't say whether it's better or worse than them.

Looking at the manufacturer's website, it looks like these are no longer made. If you can pick up a pair cheaply (and from a place with a good return policy, due to my first pair having a bad battery), then I would recommend doing so. Especially if you are looking for a combo music/phone headset.