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    I just got a pair of Sony DRBT50 headphones to use with my Pre. The sound is flat and lifeless and the volume controls don't seem to do anything. I'm not sure who to blame, Palm or Sony. The Pre's bluetooth is pretty miserable (for example it can't even do auto-answer, something the Treo 700p could do) so it wouldn't surprise me if it couldn't do a good jobe with stereo either. On the other had these headphones don't feel like a quality product either.

    Is anyone else using bluetooth stereo headphones with the Pre. How is your sound?
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    Hmm, I recently got a pair of DRBT50 headphones on amazon. I haven't had any trouble with them. The volume controls on the headphone work fine (headphone volume is adjusted separately from the volume level on the phone), as well as the stop/play (music player, pandora, slacker) and the track skip (music player, pandora). The range is pretty good in most locations, though there are skips when I'm walking down the street with the phone in my pocket in downtown Portland. The sound is definitely not flat and lifeless. They have a good rich sound and impressive bass. The microphone does suck though, but i was expecting that, having read a lot of reviews before buying.

    Of course BT probably got better with the recent updates. Or maybe you got a bad set of headphones, especially if they didn't feel like a quality product. Mine are comfortable, solid, and well put together, not cheap feeling at all.

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