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    I am sorry, I know there already is a tread about this but I would like to bump up this matter. Some people on here say that it can be done through bluetooth (not wifi) between phones but seem unwilling to share in detail how to do so. Other people on here like me simply do not know yet how to do that and I am sure we would all love to learn. Would somebody please be so kind to explain step by step how to do that? I would truly appreciate it!
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    Already plenty of threads on this like you said:

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    It's already possible to do this--you have to install an sftp server and use that protocol after creating a network connection. If you follow the directions at webOS internals to gain root access, the script they have you run already provides what you need. Then you can just use a SFTP client on your computer to transfer files.
    Basically....unless this is a life and death thing right now don't bother with it until something is developed that makes it easier for the mere mortals.
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