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    What's the best solution you all have come up with to have a car holder (like a cigarette lighter holder) and charger at the same time? It doesn't look like any of the cigarette holsters actually charge the phone.

    Also, how well do the cases actually work with the slide down keyboard?
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    I use an inexpensive and generic cell phone holder I picked up from Autozone that clips into the vent. I keeps the phone near the stearing wheel and high enough up that I can see it light up even if I've left it on vibrate or I don't notice it ringing. Also makes it safer to use as a GPS device, since you aren't looking far away from the windshield.

    As you mention, it doesn't charge this way, but it's easy enough to stretch my USB cord over to it from the car charger when needed. I'm always on the look out for a better cell holder, but I've been using this one for a couple years now and haven't seen one I like better.
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    I have the iGrip Universal Fit Flexible Mount with a Touchstone charger held in it. Works perfect. the Touchstone magent is stronger than it seems. Just set it on the Touchstone and it stays and charges. You will need the Micro-USB charger as well. 3 items it total.
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    I use a touchstone. It rocks... Phone is held by the magnets and charges too. Have to use the Palm 1A car charger (or some other 12V 1A charger with rapid charging). A little different that the cigarette holder, but pretty sweet.
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    I use the iGrip vent mount/Custom Pre Holder combination with the Sprint OEM car charger (bought from Trim81 at a great price, see Marketplace thread). The great thing about iGrip's Pre Holder is it works with the keyboard open or closed, unlike some of the more expensive custom holder's out there.

    The only issue I have is the vent mount is not a perfect fit for my car, but I can live with it. There are other mounting options available from iGrip.
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    I also use a fairly generic vent-mounted holder, and then there's a cigarette lighter right underneath that with a USB charger and short USB cable.

    A Touchstone is a really nice solution, but I couldn't find a nice place to mount it in my car, and I like the position on the vent-mount much better .. holds the Pre upright and right in my line of sight.

    Also, I'm not in the car that much/long, so I typically don't charge my phone there. If I need it, it's easy enough to hook up the regular charger, but that's really the exception and not the rule. If I really needed to charge in the car often, and especially if I was in-and-out of the car, I would look at a Touchstone. YMMV.
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    Retract what I posted about the iGrip. Bottom clips broke, useless piece of crap. Do Not Buy It!!!
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    is this topic a joke?? There are threads upon threads of Touchstone chargers. They are by far the best solution. I have one and many other people do too. Have you not heard about this product. It is your answer for both concerns of yours with charging and holsters.
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    A vent-mounted car phone holder (wide enough for the pre) and a generic cigarette lighter charger (>500 mA) does the rtick quite nicely for me. It maintains (or charges) unless I have bluetooth + GPS on at the same time. If the charger was 1000mA (1A) it would handle that... but I already had the 500 mA unit so...
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