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    I just got the bluetooth adapter for my Yamaha RX-V663, home theater receiver. I went through the pairing process and was unable to get any audio to play. My roomy, w/ his BB, which I made the jump from, paired and played music w/ no problem.

    Why the hell can't I get my Pre to play. They two devices pair, and everything seemingly checks out on the Pre as far as it's connection to the Yamaha, but absolutely nothing. This is the whole reason I bought the play music from my Pre, so I'll be pretty upset if there's something on the Pre preventing this to work properly.



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    If you go into the Bluetooth prefs app do you see the music icon beside the Yamaha device? I know sometimes with my car stereo it connects just the phone, or just the music, but not always both. The little icons tell you which functions it actually picked up, and disconnecting and reconnecting typically solves the issue for me. (Fortunately this has only happened once or twice in the two months I've had the Pre...)
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