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    Dear Seidio,

    Many of my fellow forum trolls are patiently waiting the 2600 mah battery with a touchstone compatible back. Your rep on these boards teased us months ago saying "coming soon". Please have these out in time for Christmas to I can send my wife a link and tell her I've been a good boy. Please, please, please, pretty please. I will pay whatever exorbitant fee you want to charge (with in reason of course) so my pre can last for 2-3 days and I can just drop it on one of my strategically placed touchstones.

    If Palm has told you "No, Seidio, we are the only ones who can make touchstone backs" Let me know. I will drive to California and give the Rube a piece of my mind.

    Thank you,
    Pre user.
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    The same Seidio rep said here that they are no longer going to produce a Touchstone back for the 2600.

    And they already make a TS compatible back for the standard upgraded size, so I don't know why you're wanting to drive somewhere to give a piece of your mind.
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    Must have missed that post. Thanks for dashing my dreams of a huge battery and a touchstone.

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