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    Quote Originally Posted by BoxWave View Post
    This might still work, I'm not sure if its still useable though. We might have one for the xmas season~~
    Sorry tried it and didn't work. Hopefully one will come out for xmas :-)
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    I got tired of wasted my money on these things. I vote for NONE
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    I finally installed my PhantomSkinz a few days ago and I'm shockingly pleased! The skin was incredibly easy to put on (follow the video directions on the website for best results), and I ended up with absolutely no bubbles or ripples, and no orange-peel effect at all. The skin looks smooth, shiny and completely invisible (even on the edges and corners). Definitely the best skin for the Pre!

    Word of advice for those installing the PS skin... when you get your cup of warm water, let it sit for a couple minutes and stir it up to get any bubbles out of the glass caused by an aerator on the faucet (if you have one). Also, you don't need to use the baby shampoo as your soap... I used a drop of Dawn dishsoap and it worked perfectly! Wash your hands with a good dish soap before touching your device after cleaning it to make sure all of the oils are off of your skin, and make sure your device is absolutely clean and free of oils, dust, lint, etc. (I used windex and kept an eye out for dust particles during the install). Keep rewetting your fingers to make sure they aren't dry while installing also.

    It's an easy install and I was done in about 15 minutes. Great product!
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    Just got the PhantomSkinz and it suks azz,, it ended up in the garbage..

    I also followed the directions and with the soapy water it will not stick down no matter what. The only way it will sticks down is with out the soapy water but good luck with getting it positioned correctly. After about 15 minutes of dicking around with it i said SEE YA!!! and tossed it out.

    It doesn't really matter to me anyways because these phones are pretty much disposable. I am on my fifth one within 4 months anyways, so i know i will be getting a new one soon again eventually. 1st one was bad pixels, 2nd was very bad Oreo, 3rd one froze up, and the 4th one a bad speaker.. So i do know it will not stop there
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    don't get any of those things. The Pre will surprise you.
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    Quote Originally Posted by laingman View Post
    don't get any of those things. The Pre will surprise you.
    Yes it will, lol Plus it takes alot to scratch this kind of plastic any way. That and like i said earlier, by the time it does have a few scratches on it i will be turning it in for a new one anyway.
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    will they go away within the next hours/days?
    most if not all should go away within a few days. I love the Phantom.
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    It may seem like I am doing nothing, but on a cellular level I'm really quite busy.
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    I just ordered a PS yesterday. Does the full body wrap affect the overall feel of the Pre at all? A naked Pre is way too slippery for my taste. It also seems kind of frail to me. I've had several Boxwave's on different phones and have been very happy. I'm giving the phantoms a try since I know I will drop my phone at some point and I'd like the body to have some protection, not just the screen. Will it last longer than 4 months using a side pouch?
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    I am no expert and have only installed Phantom Skinz on 4 Palm Pre’s but every one of them looks perfect. I think the people that have had issues with the product have them because they rushed the instillation process. I have spent no less than one hour for each of the installs. A wet product allows you to slide the PS into position. Once there keep it there it will stick just give it time. Slowly squeegee some of the water (trying not to move the product around). You do not need to remove every drop of will dry out.

    To Matt Burgess (PS will not stick) - If you use a lot of water the PS will not stick until it starts to dry. This can take 30 min or more depending on how much water you use.

    To compuseum (tiny bubbles) - Most bubbles should go away in a few days. I did have a few water bubbles that went away as the product was drying out.
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    stir fry a lot - The PS will make your pre less slippery. I have had the PS on my phone since July and it has saved my Pre several times (dropped it 3 times).
    After you put on the PS there is no need to use the pouch.. it is protected. I tried to use the pouch at first but the PS makes it difficult to use. The Pre is not as slick and does slide as well into or out of the pouch. I gave up using it after a week.
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    Thanks johntd,, I still have another PS that i have yet to install.. I did however solve half the problem. I now have the touchstone, so with the new rubberized back cover i don't need to protect that anymore. I will try your technique for the front when i'm ready.
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