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    I have noticed that when my pre is on the touchstone charger - I do not get email. text and phone services work fine, but it does pull email.

    Is this a setting or something else?
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    Quote Originally Posted by ilovetrains View Post
    I do not get email......but it does pull email.
    Call me nuts but it sounds like it's working just fine. You don't get e-mail but you do? Prehaps you could clarify your contradictory points.
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    sorry - meant to say it does not pull email, but does get SMS. oops.
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    Wifi turns off with the screen, doesn't it? Maybe possible that for some reason your mail servers aren't accessable through the Sprint connection? Particularly if it's an ISP account and your wifi is connected through the same ISP, you may require external servers.

    Also, I believe Sprint blocks port 25 so you may need to see if another port is available. My host gave me port 26 to try and I haven't had problems at all.

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