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    I love the touchstone. I have one in each of my cars and love just getting in and setting my phone on it. This instantly turns the Pre into a hands free setup (speaker phone) with changing any settings on the phone. It also allows you to use GPS without worrying about the screen turning off.

    I also have one at my office and one next to my bed. At night it works like a bedside alarm clock because it dimly displays the time when it is on the touchstone.

    If you ask me the Touchstone is the killer feature of the pre along with Cards and the notification system.
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    Excellent points
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    I gave my reasons here:

    I think the Touchstone is fantastic.
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    Speaking of "better feel", though I don't know what that's in regards to, I assume it's referencing the replacement soft rubber back piece of the Pre, which I must say, yes, now that I'm reminded, I definitely prefer over the glossy piece it came with.

    So, that alone is another plus.
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    Also, for those of you worried about burning the screen because the backlight is always on I called Palm and as of now there is no way turn off the screen completely (which we already knew), and it won't burn in to the LCD display of the Pre. I figure, if they are willing to say that to me, I'm willing to have a nightlight. No problems so far and worst case scenario I'll just use the insurance I pay for and get a new phone.
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