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    I'm trying to transfer my contacts from my old LG Viewty onto my new Palm Pre but having problems.

    I can discover the Pre from my Viewty and start the business card transfer but then it just stops.

    The bluetooth capability within the Pre only seems to have the capabilty to discover audio devices such as headsets.

    Is there any way to transfer contacts from another mobile phone using bluetooth? Otherwise, is there a way I could import a datafile into the pre such as an excel spreadsheet or text file?


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    Honestly, I hope somebody corrects me but i don't think u can transfer any kind of file (images/documents...), contacts, etc from/to the Pre. It really is a shame because it does come in handy quite often. I hope they enable it at some point!!
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    I tried to connect with my mom's LG VX8360 to transfer a pic, but my Pre wouldn't fully recognize her phone - even though hers recognized mine just fine. Chatted with a Palm rep, and he basically just said "sorry sir," and sent me to the "approved devices" page. A few headsets and car kits listed, but no phones at all! All I can figure is they haven't figured out how to prevent transfer of copyrighted content (i.e., .mp3s), and don't want to get sued. Just another thing on the (lengthy) list of things I wish my phone would do.
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    Pre's Bluetooth only understands audio at this point. You even can not send an contact, or picture using Bluetooth, an option which was available in Palm OS though.....
    I expect Palm will add this to WebOS in version 1.4

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