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    I've been using the included pouch lately and want to "upgrade" to the leather slide case. I did a search and can't find any reviews on it. Just wondering if anybody's used/using it and what your thoughts are on the case.
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    the case is really good ... I can tell you!
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    Be sure to read the comments; many disagree with the reviewer -- including me. My own comment:

    This review came right out of the blue for me. In 4 months of use, I've never had a problem getting my phone in or out of the case. I've never had a problem with the ribbon or with the magnetic closure. The ribbon concept seemed pretty simple; the fact that Palm provided directions seems calculated to emphasize the fact that the phone faces inward in the case. Criticizing the case because Palm included a couple of diagrams is just plain silly. If Palm had decided to include 2 sentences instead, would that make the case seem less complicated?

    If there's a criticism to made about the case, I think it's the lack of jack access. That seems inexcusable when you consider Palm produced the case for its own phone.

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    I was actually talking about the Slip Case. I don't like the belt clip of the Palm Side Case mentioned above. I'll assume its just the same thing sans clip and top closure and just get it to test it out myself.
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    If you mean the case without a belt clip or a flap...

    Short answer: I purchased, used for a few weeks, and then returned. Something, to be honest, I rarely do.

    I used a similar case for my Blackberry and loved it. However, there were some major differences that ultimately caused me to make the return.

    For the price, I found it to feel cheap. My Blackberry case was clearly made of leather. This case is leather, but it seems like it could be fake leather. If you're paying for leather, it should feel like it.

    Related, the leather is thin. This is nice for reducing bulk in your pocket, which I appreciate. However, it contributes to the cheap feel. Worse, I never felt it did a good job of adding much protection to my Pre. My old Blackberry case was just a bit thicker, but did an excellent job of protecting it. This one? Not so much.

    This case does not have a ribbon to eject the Pre. So, removal of the Pre was a pain. My old Blackberry case had thumb notches to make removal easier. This one requires you to use pull it out by the edge, which can be tough.

    I didn't particularly like the fact that it's a a horizontal case. I'd rather have a vertical one. Just a personal preference.

    It wasn't designed to deal with the bump of the hard button. The case actually pushed down on the button, which didn't affect operation (the button doesn't turn on the device or anything), but my button is now sunk a bit because of this (I think). The Blackberry case was designed to have a channel to prevent this sort of thing.

    For headphone fans, you can't use with the case on, because it covers the port.

    On the plus side, it does allow access to the micro USB port or the volume buttons (but not both).

    In the end, it went back. Despite being someone that's always had a case for his PDA and phones, I've actually be happier with the Pre without one. I'd added a BestSkinsEver front skin, which does a great job of protecting the screen (I have a Touchstone-compatible back). While it doesn't help protect from bigger hazards like a case would, the Palm case simply didn't seem to provide much anyway.
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    I've been using this case since I've had the phone on launch day and love it. I carry my phone in my front shirt pocket while I'm at work and any other time I'm carrying it in my front pants pocket. I love it and the only thing I wish it had was a hole in the top for the headset jack. But other than that, no problems. I would buy it again if I were to lose this one.
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    Thanks for the reviews!

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