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    im deciding to buy one, the mugen extended battery or the touchstone charger you tell me.
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    Both, if you are buying a 1400mah or less battery. But if you want/need juice for extended periods where you cannot access a Touchstone, then obviously, a 2300mah+ battery should be the priority. I usually dont have that issue, so I have a Touchstone at work and one in my vehicle.
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    If you don't want to be tethered to an outlet all the time I'd say get an extended battery.
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    I cannot see a palm pre with extended battery since I like it because it's small.

    I have a touchstone at office, one at home and one in car!
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    I have the same problem, I know I need more battery life, for those instances where I are away from an outlet, bored, and using your phone, but when I am at school I get home so fast I just set it on the touchstone that I usually have a lot of battery life, but usually I am at like 20% battery from using the phone from 11:30-3:30
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    If it were me, I'd go with an extended battery. I've had the touchstone since day one and while it is nice, I'm beginning to really want more battery life out of my pre and would forego the touchstone for more out of a single charge.
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    Get the Seidio 2600 extended battery its been great for me. You can get it much cheaper on Amazon.
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    It really depends on what your day looks like. If you sit at a desk during the day a Touchstone is great. If you are on the road or away from power a extended battery would be better.
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    i would go with the extended battery and the external battery charger
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    The Mugen 1400 AND Touchstone.
    To be honest I bought the Touchstone because of it's geek factor but there's no way I'd be without it now.
    I'd like but so far haven't needed more power than the 1400 and it's the only Touchstone compatible option right now.

    My motto is - When in doubt, buy both.
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    Depends on how you plan on using the phone. I'm away from a socket for 12 hours a day with spotty coverage so the seidio 2600 has been a must.

    My wife is home all day and the TS fits her needs perfectly.
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    IMHO just get the touchstone (or two if you need one at home and one at work), one or two car chargers (I have one in my car and one in my husband's car) and an extra OEM battery as a backup. I too need a battery that would give me longer standby/ browsing/ talk time. But sadly I've read so many bad stories where the overly hot higher capacity batteries basically bricked their phones... So I would do a lot more research before I would buy a higher capacity battery... Hopefully Palm will make a better battery for the pre. Btw I love the touchstone for my pre!
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    Wow some of you have 3 touchstones? You guys must be loaded. O_O
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    I'm not loaded, so I bought a dozen Micro USB cables for a grand total of $20 in various lengths.

    We now have 1 in each car, 1 in each room with computers, 2 (total) attached to wall outlets, +1 attached to my standalone battery charger. Plus, I have one with my netbook and one with my work laptop.

    I think that leaves us with a few spares.

    Anyway, Palm put a really useful USB charging port on the Pre, and Micro USB cables from Newegg are like $2.50 shipped.

    I would worry about wearing out my port, but I have a best buy replacement plan. port wears out I will use my standalone charger to charge my extra Centro batteries till I get a chance to run to best buy.

    Really it sucked Palm was too poor (only reason to use Centro battery) to make a new battery in the 14-1500ma range, but it works out in the end, because if you aren't using a hard external case, you can buy a few of the centro batteries off ebay for $5.99 and a standalone charger and always have a few batteries charged and ready. Plus, they are so small you can pocket em, or keep a few hidden in the car, your book bag, wallet, ect.
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    The biggest help for me is the Touchstone in the car. I arrive at work with the battery at 100% around 9:00ish then when I leave work between 5-6 it sits on the Touchstone again for the hour commute home. This brings the battery back to around 100%. That gets me through the evening. (I do a lot of web browsing on the couch at night )
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    Me personally went for the seidio 2600mAh extended battery..only 49 bucks at amazon..

    I have big hands so this extended battery make the pre feel solid in hand..and easier to type on.. I dont care bout spending 70 bucks on the ts..when I would never use it only to charge it overnight...
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    grab a spare battery[stock is fine] and keep it topped off and in your car for emergencies. Then grab yourself a touchstone/car charger/wall charger and you are covered. Or if you are not near an outlet grab the duracell instant charger.
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    My wife has quite the setup. She has a Touchstone in her SUV since she travels for work around the city. Since some of her remote visits can last a long time in a building with low signal, she also totes a 2nd stock battery that is charged overnight in a Seidio spare battery charger, in case she doesnt make it back to her vehicle in time. Yes, the amount of $ spent wouldve been less if we bought an extended battery, but she likes the smaller size and the matte finish of the Touchstone. Plus, the Touchstone in the vehicle acts as a mount that is critical for her while using SprintNavigation and taking calls.

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