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    Has anyone else ran into the problem of different charging rates from different touchstones? I charged my Pre before going to bed, used it for a while, went to sleep and went to work in the morning. I charged my Pre on my 2nd touchstone at work and found that it charges a faster than at home! See the pic attached (Battery Monitor App used; I highly recommend it). The attached pic has two blue parallel lines added to show how much faster the battery charged at work.

    What gives, a defective touchstone or is it the phone?? Please help.
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    Perhaps your phone signal is not as strong at home as it is at your work, so the Pre was working harder to keep the signal?
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    That would be my guess. Weaker 3G/Wi-Fi. That and the charging rates aren't astronomically different. Might also have to do with the positioning of the Pre on the TS?
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    ...and there could be a difference based on voltage going into the charger, which might make the difference between, say, 1000mA and 1100mA going to the Touchstone.
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