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    I purchased a touchstone charger about a month ago. I love it. No problems. Very handy. I don't want to buy the 2600 battery because it doesn't go with the touchstone charger and it's $65. I'd rather buy diapers for my 3mo old.
    I hate how I have no battery life. I don't consider myself a heavy user, but I feel as though I am limited on when I can use my Pre. So now I'm about to break down and pay someone off for the extended 2600 battery. I told a buddy of mine if I do this I'll sell him by TS charger. I do not want to do this, but what other choice do I have? It makes total sense to me to get the extended battery and live without the TS. Then I don't have to worry about my Pre dying on me.
    Does anyone know for a fact that there's going to be a back that is compatable with the 2600 and the TS?
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    While I can't answer your question about the 2600, I can tell you that I am a heaving phone user (talking mostly, but still web crawling and other things) and I have a TS that I put my phone on every night and I have a USB power adapter that I keep in my vehicle at all times.

    I have only ever been caught once when the phone died, and believe it or not it was at the Bell/Palm Pre launch here in Toronto a month and a half ago. Mid way through the night, my phone gave me the 20% warning, then the 10% and then the 5% warning and nobody from Palm or Bell had a spare charger or a TS that I could use for a few minutes to save my phone from dying.

    Luckily the party was ending soon enough for me anyway and I left and plugged my phone into it's USB carger on my drive home.

    So I don't know if I would spend the money on an extra battery unless I wasn't near an AC adapter.

    I guess only you can figure out what your days are like.

    Although I guessing that your wife would rather see you spend the money on diapers??
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    well u can get the seidio 2600 mah battery for 49 bucks on amazon..( just ordered it yesterday ) and sell your ts..and come out almost i went with the battery only cause i dont like being tied to a charger..and im not around a charger for 8 hours a day.. so the ext batt made sense for me..
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    Thanks for your input guys. After I posted this last night I kept reading the forums. Now I'm reading about the Mugen 1400 battery? Is that worth it for $31? Would the 2600 be overkill? I work 12hrs a day and don't really ever get the chance to charge my phone (I sell cars at a Honda dealership). I'm always on the move, but catch myself getting under 20% around 6pm and I'm here till 8pm. During those two hours it's slow and I find myself using the phone a lot more and I end up shutting my Pre off because I don't want it to die completely. And yet I don't want to plug it in (sticky fingers).
    Again, I don't want to get rid of my TS. From what I've read the Mugen 1400 is compatible with the TS back. Correct?
    Thanks again in advance for any info!
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    yes any battery that is a direct replacement for the original battery will work with the touchstone..the 1400 mAh mugen will give u prolly bout 20% more juice.. where as the 2600 mAh will double your batt life.

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