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    I have a Silverado Blue (recognized as XT-767 by the Pre) that successfully pairs with the Pre. However, whenever trying to place a call, all I hear is what sounds like silent static.

    The Pre pairs to my other bluetooth device successfully, and works completely, and the Silverado Blue pairs to other phones and works completely as well. Anyone have any knowledge on why these two won't play nice together?

    As for why I'm not using the other Bluetooth isn't completely hands free :P

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    No one has any ideas on this?

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    You might want to check Palm's website to see if that BT device is compatible with the Pre.
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    Have you made sure the volume is turned up?
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    Well, I went to a Sprint store and attempted to pair it with their Pre they had on display, and make a phone call. Lo and behold, it worked perfectly. My Pre has a faulty Bluetooth module or whatever its called. Palm's agreed to replace it...but I'm a truck driver, and one can't exactly FedEx something to me in the middle of the Interstate.

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