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    Just wondering if the Pre is like other smartphones where when you get a txt message or some type alert can you hear the beep or noise in your headset so you know you have one? Am wondering if I want to invest in a headset or not cuz if I can't hear my alerts doesn't do me much good

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    It depends.

    I can hear them on my nokia bh-905
    But my Motorola S9 HD doesn't give me any tones..
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    Hi.. Welcome to the Palm forums. If you go to and look at the details for the Pre it shows that it does have bluetooth. Now as far as printing to if I am not mistaken it would take a third party utility to enable that function. I may be wrong on that, maybe someone else can clarify the printing issue.
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    MY bluetooth headset (plantronics 855) received alert sounds just fine with my Treo 700wx but I don't hear alerts (appointment notifications specifically) with it on my PRE.
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    i don't here text messages alerts with my pre and plantronics
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    No alert in my Motorola H710 or H715.
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    Yes in My Jabra BT530.. also my favorite headset ever! I can even listen to music like my old Pantronics 855 but this thing has the best signal/noise ratio and I've never had a complaint from the other side of the line. FWIW.

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    I can't hear alerts with my Sennheiser MM200s.
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    Don't hear them with Altec Lansing BBT903, or itech clip radio.
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    I do hear alerts in my Plantronics 855 set. Yes, the guys above said they didn't but I even heard alerts in the headphones while I was on a call last night.
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    Sorry, I just remembered a detail about alerts with my Plantronics 855 -- your chosen alert tone does not play in the headset, but instead a single beep, and it can be easy to miss.
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    yes you can ,at least i can with planitronics 995
    Here is a direct link to webOS Doc for all carriers
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