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    I just got a Touchstone -- but it doesn't seem to be charging my phone. When I place the phone on the Touchston it says that it is charging, and the charging icon appears over the battery symbol. The problem is that the charge isn't increasing. I left the phone on the touchstone overnight and the charge is lower this morning than it was last night.

    I've reset the phone a few times, tried popping the back off and back on. I think the phone is making good contact because the appropriate symbology pops up. It just isn't actually increasing the charge of my phone.

    Any thoughts???
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    Okay, more data....

    As long as I leave the screen on, it will charge. If I turn the screen off (so it displays the time only), it doesn't charge.

    Any help would be much appreciated:-)
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    As a superhero, I don't usually attempt to help Villains. BUT, are you using the normal PALM charging cable that came with your phone? You need to...
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    Unplug the touchstone from your computer and plug it into the wall useing the supplied wall charger that came with your phone. The touchstone is not supose to be used plugged into a computer. This has been posted a million times and is also all over the touchstones packaging.
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    Yep, using the stock Palm wall charger that came with my Pre, and it's plugged into the wall, not my computer. I DO know how to read directions, even if they insist on using pictures instead of real words.

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