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    Hi everyone,

    I recently bought some Phantom Skinz for my Palm Pre and here is how my install went. First off you get 2 sets of skins if you purchase online. If you have a Seidio battery matte backing or whatever you really don't need a skin on it IMHO, but that's your call.

    I ordered the full skin because that's before I ordered my extended battery (not here yet), so I used the full skin during this install.

    Yesterday I used the first set on both front and back. I first installed the back as practice and as I did not have any baby shampoo around I just used warm water. Basically I cut the wax paper in half that holds the front and back skins together and then I dipped one piece into the water for 20 secs. After that I peeled off the skin under water to keep the glue side wet.

    Next I applied the skin very ROUGHLY by just throwing it on and aligning the holes. Then I peeled off one full half after alignment and applied it super carefully. Once that side was perfect I peeled off the other side halfway and reapplied it carefully, so basically I did the same piece in separate halves after alignment.

    Finally, I let it sit maybe 5 minutes and pushed down the corners which I notice now has some super small air-bubbles. It almost looks like dust, but I know its air. I also see a piece of fuzz on the side nobody will ever see so I kept it there (also I know its nearly impossible to get a piece of fuzz off the sticky backing). So this was the Palm Pre back which I used as practice.

    I did the same install on the screen with the battery pulled out and was happy with results until I noticed 3 fairly LARGE air bubbles about the size of this letter: O. on the screen. I ripped it off and just now I used the second one and was super careful. I kept lifting/relifting the PS until I got it down with ZERO air bubbles. There is also a weird piece of fuzz on the side, but I'm not worried since I don't even see it unless I stare at the side of my phone. I think it sticks on during the waiting period for the side tabs to become sticky. Not a huge deal as long as the screen is perfect.

    Below are pics. I will post more pics of 24 hours and 1 week after installation. Quality sucks, I know. I took 10 min photo with my Macbook Pro iSight. But even with that you can see how clean it looks...yes there is a PS on there

    10 min after installation:

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    I would like some close ups of the corners. Have you used anything else before?
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    I'll get to a better camera next week, don't have one on me right now. I will get detailed pics up soon.

    I've used BodyGuardz on my Macbook Pro but nothing else besides that. I know IS is grippy as hell though from feeling my buddy's pre which he used IS on. This is much much smoother as people have said often on these forums.

    The install process was tougher for me because it didn't come with the soapy solution which you can make, but I was too lazy and just used plain water alone. Soapy solution makes it much easier IMO since you can kinda move it around to align it perfectly.
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    I've shown the Pre with a Phantomskinz installed to 6 different people and all of them asked me if I was going to get a case for it. After I informed them that it already had the Phantomskinz they took another look at the phone closely and said that they loved it. All my iPhone friends ordered the iPhone version for themselves as a result.

    Install is definitely a chore, but it's well worth it.
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    I have the seidio Ultimate screen guard now and I really like it, BUT it does not cover the sides of it. So in you like it better than the IS and body guardz?
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    Yeah I'd say IS is the "grippiest" and next is the bodyguardz, and the smoothest one is the Phantom Skinz. Actually my macbook pro bodyguardz and the PS on the pre are about the same...very similar. But the bodyguardz has a tiny bit more ripple orange effect. That might be due to it being a huge sheet on the macbook though.
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    i like smooth, all most like thete is nothing at all on.
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    Where can I buy it in Europe (online) ?
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    I had a look previously but could not find any so I ordered mine from the official site during the week.
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    they do not ship to Italy....
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    Looks great, can't even tell anything is on it!
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    I have the front part on mine, trimmed around so that I can keep my Seidio Innocase on top of it. So far so good.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ame View Post
    I have the front part on mine, trimmed around so that I can keep my Seidio Innocase on top of it. So far so good.
    i'm thinking about getting both the innocase and the phantom. how far did you have to trim around it? did you basically clip off the edge parts? or did you have to trim even more? does the case fit ok on top of it? thanks!
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    dont get the seidio innocase with a skinz. the innocase breaks wayyyy to easily alone on the pre. the little tabs are under stress gripping the pre and they eventually will snap with ease. the skinz will only add more stress. trust me on this.
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    I'm about 2 months in with zagg skin + innocase. No broken tabs yet. Guess we'll see.
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