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    Hi. My AT&T contract is about to expire and I'm going to get a Pre. I'm trying to figure out what charger and cable are necessary for using the Touchstone. In the video review, Dieter made a passing statement that the cable that comes with Pre won't work with the Touchstone. And the dual touchstone kit that Palm is selling inlcudes an international charger - not sure why, since most international service requiring different plugs (e.g., Europe) doesn't use CDMA.

    So, just for clarification, will the wall charger and cable that comes with the pre work with Touchstone?

    I apologize in advance if this was covered elsewhere. I've done a few searches and watched some unboxing videos and the info wasn't clear.

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    Quote Originally Posted by starburst View Post
    Does the cable/charger that comes with the Pre work with Touchstone?
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    Thank you.
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    You cannot hook the Touchstone up to your computer to charge and you cannot get data through the Touchstone, but the USB cable that comes with the Pre (which is the same as in the charger kit with adapters) does work with wall plugs and car adapter plugs to charge the Pre via the Touchstone.

    While you may not be able to use the phone functions of your Pre when you are visiting foreign countries, you can still use all the other functions - WiFi, calendar, music, other apps, etc. So, you would need to charge it while away.

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