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    I had just picked up a pair of these from Amazon (good deal) and was wondering if anyone with a Pre had tried them out. Just wondering what the experiences were.
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    Very satisfactory experience with the function; form is another matter (but expect that will improve as I get used to the rigid design). PITA to store when not in use (size, form factor), but I like the experience enough to have ordered a 2nd headset - from Amazon this time.
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    I have these and I love them. I had the original S7's, and the HD set has much better build and audio quality, though the S7s were already good. THey fit great, especially under my motorcycle helmet, although they aren't comfortable if you try to wear them laying down on the couch or bed, as the mattress/pillow pushes on them at the base of your neck. They're also fantastic for working out. They ARE difficult to store, though I found a semi-hard pouch that now carries the set, my ipod, the chargers, and my extra pre battery in a pretty compact package, tucked neatly under my car seat. Finally, since I had the new HD set, one night I wanted to get into my hottub for a while, but didn't want to bother the neighbors by playing music, since it was 2-3am... so I wore my old S7's, since they claimed to be sweat resistant. I figured it would ruin them, but wanted to see... to my surprise they worked fine and still do... so I've worn them in the hottub a couple other times... I never submerged my head, of course, but the part of the unit around my neck did get wet, yet still works fine. Try that at your own risk, though, of course. They pair just fine with the pre. Finally, your voice quality is very good according to people that have called while I'm wearing them. Most of them have trouble believing I'm using a bluetooth set and not talking right into the phone.

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