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    Kanex Palm Pre High Capacity 1350mAh Battery

    Anybody know anything about these?

    Kanex™ Palm Pre High Capacity 1350mAh Battery
    Kanex uses the highest quality components and top rated Japanese cells to increase the power capacity, safety, and performance of their batteries. The Kanex High Capacity Battery features built-in overcharging protection and is designed to provide more power without adding any thickness to your device; no extended battery door required. Known for quality and performance, a Kanex battery is the perfect compliment to your mobile smartphone.


    * Brand New
    * Manufacturer: Kanex
    * Capacity: 1350mAh / 3.7v
    * Rechargeable High Capacity Lithium-Ion Battery
    * Made from Japanese Cells
    * Built-in overcharge protection
    * Battery is the same size as the standard battery; NO extended door required
    * Rechargeable through phone
    * Talk and standby times will vary depending on user habits, features activated, accessories connected, phone reception, and network performance

    Compatible Models:
    Palm Centro 685 Palm Centro 690 Palm Pre
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    Im wondering the same thing. They are very cheap, only $29.99.

    I found one review on Test weren't very scientific.
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    These are probably the same batteries as the Amzer or Mugen 1400, but properly labeled as 1350 mAh.
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    Quote Originally Posted by BoJames View Post
    I found one review on Test weren't very scientific.
    Here's the review. I asked the author some follow-up questions, which he was nice enough to answer.

    He did use the battery for a few weeks before he tested against the stock Palm battery. He didn't notice any substantial increase in battery life. While his test was more anecdotal than scientific, I think his usage was reflective of most users.

    Bottom line: cheaper, not better.

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