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    I need to get a new case, and was looking around for them and came across this one. They have it in other colors too, i was considering this silver one, or maybe a red one.

    Any thoughts?
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    snap on cases (with the tabs that rape the phone with force entry) sucks. I recommend the one s from sprint with the rails. It eliminates the "oreo" effect, makes he phone super sturdy, and compatable with the touchstone. i cant recommend it enough.
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    A note for the snap on case, from Sprint, and any others of similar design. Do not leave the Pre in the case for extended periods, for more than a day or so. Dirt or grit can work it's way into the front half of the case, become lodged between the Pre and the case, on the curved sides of the Pre. Vibration, opening and closing the Pre grinds the grit or dirt into the plastic of both the Pre and the case, causing pits and scratches. This happened to me when I left it in the case for two days. These are still excellent cases, the outer rails support the Pre's internal sliders, the do add some bulk to the Pre, but I find it acceptable, as for Touchstone compatibility, there are some reports that the thickness of the back plate makes the Touchstone hookup less secure and the phone is prone to falling off the charger. So all in all, if you use this style case, just make sure to use the case when needed, and take your Pre out once in a while, let it breath, give the face and the case a wipedown, and there shouldn't be any problems.
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    I posted this amonth or so back. I know some people bought them but I never really heard back from many of them.
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    I have had my phone continuously in the sprint case for a couple months, I just took it out, and its fine. No scratches, just some fuzzies from my pockets.

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