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    I would totally LOVE if someone designed and came out with different colored Pre battery cases, especially if it worked with the Touchstone. That way, you can change the look of your phone without adding any bulk to it . Who's with me?
    Dear Santa,

    I've been as good as I could be this year and all I want on my Pre is an on-screen keyboard, a real Face Book app, visual voicemail and video recording.
    If you could bring this in any of the updates by Christmas, then I promise to be extra good next year! Thanks a bunch!

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    your wishes might come true, Kady! and mine too.
    My phone is a Preeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
    << see left < my Iphone PRE 3G, LOL'
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    Shouldn't be too hard. Seidio already makes a stock size back with a rubber feel.
    Pre ---- ajk511
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    Ms Kady Im ALWAYS with you!
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    I agree with you there. Doesn't seem like something difficult for Palm to make happen, considering it's in play for their lower-end phone, the Pixi. Increase sales, make people happy, and make the Pre a little less river stone :P

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