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    Picked up my Pre yesterday - love the phone but I think I have made a big mistake!

    I have a Bury cc9060 (branded VW) - the Pre connects fine, propmts me to allow access to the contacts, but from there it goes pear shaped.

    Every minute, the pre disconnects, the Bury restarts and makes the connection again, very frustratiing. It also complains that the phone book is empty - thats not such an issue as I really just need to receive calls.

    I've tested the bluetooth with an over the ear hands free kit and all seems fine.

    Does anyone else have the bury that could share their experiance?


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    Okay I've solved this one. Seems the pre likes a power source to upload its contacts to the bury. Its all working now, after the sync (while powered) it will connect fine and stay connected.

    I do however have to open the bluetooth app on the phone to make the initial connection, but after that it seems it stays connected, powered or not.

    I still need to have it auto-connect if any one has any tips?
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    I have a CC9060 also and experienced no problems at all...

    I just deleted my old handset on the CC, turned on Bluetooth on the Pre, found the CC, and it paired. Pre confirmed with me I wanted to allow the CC to access my Contacts.

    Then went in to the CC setup menu and downloaded the contacts.

    Works flawlessly, and never disconnects, unlike my old HTC Touch Dual.

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