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    I bought this battery from the U.S. seller and today is my first day using it. Battery monitor shows runtime 10h21m and drain per hour is 3.09. My stock battery would have been dead by now. I am very pleased besides the size, not liking that at all. I am also noticing an echo when I talked on it this morning
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    Doesn't seem like a bad deal for $23 bucks total with shipping...
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    I still have two of these for sale in the states! 18 bucks shipped people!
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    anyone know of a cradle that will work with this battery and the standard one - to charge both at once?
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    I bought this a few weeks ago, got it yesterday. Charged it in a Centro standalone chinese ebay charger.

    3 hours later it was fully charged.

    I put it in my Pre, played on it for a few hours, went to bed. Did not plug it in. Woke up, plugged it in while I got ready for work. Left for work at 91%.

    Used it actively for about 20 minutes per hour over the next 8 hours for web browsing, email, Twitter, along with non active use including IM running in background, and podcast/music running via bluetooth.

    It died while talking via bluetooth on my way home at about 8h30m. The shut down was a bit abrupt. It had 14% when I left the hospital, but was dead in just 20 minutes on the phone with reasonably good coverage. I have a feeling this will improve with several full charge recharge cycles.

    To put this into perspective, i would typically have my pre plugged into my laptop for about 3-4 of those hours and still have barely made it home.

    So IMO, this thing does output about 2X the power of the OEM battery.

    The case is significantly thicker than I expected for the lower mA of the battery. I would love it if someone could make a 1750mA battery that used something that was just 1-2mm thicker than the OEM back which would make it easier to hold and type than the OEM, but still very pocketable.

    Pros: Last at least 8 hours of fairly intensive use, should last a complete day (16 hours) of average use, and should last 2 days of light use. The back is extremely well made, doesn't creak and fits tight.

    Cons: Camera vignettes, this probably can be fixed with a dremel, I will look into it. It is too thick to pocket the phone (marginally too thick), it's a bit harder to hold in some instances. In winter when I have a jacket the size is not a problem, in summer I'll have to pick up a 1400mA unless someone makes a 1750mA which is still thin. Just too big for me for a phone.

    Summary: For $23 this frees you from the constant charging of the Pre for a power user. it's too thick for a non power user, or when a small phone is essential. I would definitely recommend it for traveling, when using power hungry apps like Pandora, movies, or GPS. The alternative for about $7 is to just load up on Centro batteries, and a standalone charger. I have a few centro batteries and they are so small you can put one in a pocket and no have to worry about power for most of the day. The Centro option is IMO, the most elegant option, the 2250 is the most sensible when you know you will be sucking down power.

    Bottom line: if long term this battery holds up, Amzer, Seidio, and Mugen need to stop ripping people off if they want to sell batteries.
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    Quote Originally Posted by gtkansan View Post
    I still have two of these for sale in the states! 18 bucks shipped people!
    Are these new? I might be interested . pm, me
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    Quote Originally Posted by fixxxer1022 View Post
    i just bought this battery yesterday off of ebay and it should be here this week! also picked up an extra usb cable + car charger.
    I bought about 6 micro USB cables in addition to the 2 we had OEM from the Pre's.

    I keep one in each car, one in my work laptop bag, one in my netbook bag, one in the living room, one in the bedroom, one attached to the desktop, and have a spare or two. Total cost of the the micro USBs at various lengths (3, 4 and 6ft) plus 2 centro batteries, and the 2250 battery less than a touchstone, or a single 2600/2800 battery.

    BTW, my Pre is an original, and so far no battery has killed it.

    With the 2250mA this now seems like overkill on micro USB, but since this is supposedly the new standard for all cell phones, I figure I will use them again and again. Very happy!
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    I bought the 2250 ebay battery and dollar for dollar, a pretty good deal. Yes, the new cover partially obstructs the camera, but anybody look at running a small file through the hole? Works better, but I'm happy with the extra battery life.
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    just got mine in the mail and im charging it now. man does this make the pre thick though.

    any chance i can get a custom color back cover for this instead of the standard black gloss one they gave me?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Gaurav View Post
    Doesn't seem like a bad deal for $23 bucks total with shipping...
    I have been using it for more than a month.
    Its the best deal out there. Period.

    Its cheaper than the OEM battery. Takes three days of usage to reach its potential.

    You will have to live with the camera flash issue though.
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    Make it two months ( time flies).

    Check my original post.

    But I really want a 1800 - mAh one with regular size.
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    Third full day with this battery, on it's 3rd full charge/discharge cylce, and today it has been going for 10hours30min after listening to podcast and music all day (4 hours) in weak EVDO, a few emails, and some web browsing (30 minutes).

    Currenty battery percent is at 33%...

    Tomorrow, I work on the lens vignetting, and do a little refinishing of the back to give it a softer touch and less shine.
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    I just received mine in the mail and the camera holes look like this. Maybe a newer version. The flash still creates a bright spot on the left side of the pic.
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    After the recent 1.3.1 update, the 2250 mAh battery is now reading correctly on the Battery Monitor. With the actual charge at 98% the Capacity mAh is showing 2115 with 4167 millivolts. Before the update the Capacity was reading something like 592 mAh.

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    does anyone know of a dual charger that will charge the pre with standard battery as well as this extended battery - at the same time?
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    I Googled Cameron Sino and it appears that it is a German company which is a humungous plus in my book.

    Also, if you read this Bob, could you take a picture of the phone with the nickel placed in the middle at the peak height of the case? I put one against my Seidio 2600 and the case sits just a hair above it. In your picture it looks a wee bit shorter but its hard to tell from the pic. Thanks.

    Quote Originally Posted by BobKy View Post
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    I bought this battery and installed it then plugged it up to the charger. I immediately got a huge white ? inside a white battery icon covering the screen. I double checked to make sure it was in properly and no luck. I left it charging a few hours (palm pre stock wall charger) and still no luck turning it on. I contacted the seller on ebay and they sent me a letter saying palm updated a chip in the phone that made the battery incompatible and immediately refunded my money. I'm not angry or anything but haven't found anything that states that this is the case. Also if that is true I need to know what extended batteries to stay away from. I have another 2000mah on the way but would've liked the increased mahs if I could've gotten this or another replacement of the same model to work.
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    I must say that I was about to pick up 3800 and then I got a 2600. I m also pretty heavy user and might actually use this phone in full force which needs more juice. My current 2600 I get charged about 8-9 hours of full utilization of limitations and only two days of little use easily.
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