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    My review on the Sprint Airave….

    Well as it stands I just got my Sprint Airave last week. I have had nothing but good things to say about it really! So first I will start off with the Pros and Cons of the unit. Things that I have personally liked and things I did not like to so much…


    1) coverage of service in my house:
    While inside of my house I can get GREAT coverage! I’m in an area where I don’t even have an option to roam! Now that I have the tower I can pretty much walk any where I want in my house and I get a full 5 bars of service! I will chat about outside later on in the review!

    2) Setup was easy!
    With 3 connections to the unit all you need to do it plug them in and walk away! The Airave came PRE-ACTIVATED! I didn’t even have to call Airave support. That saves you a lot of time. I didn’t have to travel 10 minutes to call them! It’s a life saver!

    3) Airave control from the web:
    That’s right! If you have setup an account online with Sprint to see your bill and over phones on your account you have easy access to the Airave! You can add and delete phone numbers at your will with out calling sprint. If there is a way to stay away from Sprints 800 number please give them to me! To me this was a good thing.

    4) Data DOES work on the Airave…:
    Now data does work on the sprint Airave. Slow but its an option if you needed it! I have WiFi at home so for me it’s a very minor plus. For the fact they gave this as an option I have to give them a thumbs up.

    5) *99:
    Yes *99 is a great thing for the unit. It allows you to check to see if your even connected to the Airave. It’s a great thing to note to others. Helps with trouble shooting any connection issues.

    6) Setup Time:
    The setup time to the Airave is very good! After installing the external GPS antenna it was ready for use in about 30 minutes. I know it says any where from an hour to 24 hours. I guess maybe I was lucky here! It went out and beyond what I thought for time. The roll out of this service is GREAT over all!

    7) Sprint sends you a letter with the free Airave:
    Yes they sent me a letter letting me know that its free! You ask why is this a big deal? Well the 800 number to began with is a USELESS tool for customer support for me during this order. So this gives me something in WRITING from them. So when or if they say its not free I now have proof! It tells me its free for 2 years and they are sorry about the coverage in my area! I will post a small copy of this as part of the photos I will post.


    1) Internal Antenna:
    Well lets be honest. The internal antenna is junk! You HAVE to use the external antenna for your GPS find. I have my Airave near a window and it still did not find a GPS feed. I ended up running the external. That worked right away. So now I have 25ft of cable next to the unit. Its sorta annoying!

    2) Airave Size…:
    Now 3-4 years ago it would have been great! I mean lets face it! The unit is MUCH bigger than my router and cable modem. So while its not a deal breaker for me its just a little to big for my taste!

    3) Price!
    For the common user I think the price of $25 a month tacked onto MY cell bill would have been to much. I mean I already use my internet bandwidth that I pay for outta pocket! Why should I pay to extend a service that they should provide? (Even though mines free its not free for everyone with back coverage!)

    4) Bandwidth usage:
    Yes I know it sounds picky but I use my internet at home for both work and play. I do work in the PC world. I support servers and what not. I do hate the fact that I need to use my internet to extend the service. This also goes right back to the question up above…Why would they charge someone a fee to use it if your using your net to make the tower work? Guess I wont even understand!

    Over all I give the Sprint Airave 4.5/5.0

    I will post pictures of it tonight when I get home!

    So as you can see over all my time with my Airave has been pretty good. I just wish Sprint would make this an option to be free for everyone in down zones. For most people like me your phone is used for work, play and communication with the outside world. I got rid of my landline for my cell phone! I love the option to be able to txt a friend or pick up the phone and use it anywhere! The Airave brings this option back into my home! There for I love it!

    One thing to look at is how to get the Airave. I had to call sprint. I was going to cancel my phone and go back to Verizon. Instead they patches me over to do so. The woman asked why I wanted to cancel and she then asked me to hold. She then came back and told me they would give me the Airave free of charge and no monthly fees. I was in a “Down Zone” is what they told me. I mean I live in the middle of a city! So at the time it was on back order! So I said “ok its free I will wait to see how it works”. So I wait about 2-3 weeks and it was still on back order…I called 3-4 times only be to told “It well be sent out Friday”. Not a problem…After hearing that about 3-4 times I called to get the phone shut off and again I was patches over to do so. Then this friendly guy had asked why. I told him what was going on. He then looked at the order and found that they ordered the WRONG item! SO I said ok…We ended up reordering the unit. They even gave me $100 credit to my account for all the trouble. Now I was happy. Only to find out it was not over yet. After 5 days IT STILL was not being sent out. The warehouse was still looking at it…So I called the 800 number only to hear that the warehouse was still processing it. They even told me it did not make any sence whats so ever. I was also told that sprint cant call their OWN warehouse to see why its taking sooo long. Well at this point I went down to my local corp store. I love out local corp store. They have such nice people. After getting the run around for 2 more weeks they called there 800 number to help me with the issue. They put me through one of the 800 number managers who then took care of it for me after 3 hours. So the sprint customer care is VERY FAIL. The local store is GREAT! I think I will deal with them from now on! So that’s my small Airave review and story! Hope you enjoyed it!

    - Cgardner
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    The normal MRC is not $25, its 4.99. But yeah... they generally will waive it (I have two).
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    Sprint AIRAVE Base Station - $99.99/each (requires activation at time of purchase and subscription to an AIRAVE plan. Excludes taxes.)
    AIRAVE Enhanced Coverage Charge - $4.99/mo. (required per AIRAVE unit)**
    Single Line Unlimited Calling Plan (optional) - $10/mo. per account**
    Multi-Line (multiple phones sharing minutes on one account) Unlimited Calling Plan (optional) - $20/mo. per account**

    Thats the pricing plans DrSDuSE. Looks like I may have not understood it. I have 3 phone on my account. So I guess I could have used 3 phones for the 4.99 a month but used my plan minutes. So that may have been wrong on my end! Either way 4.99 to use it a month I think is to much! We need to use our own internet. So thats IMO only

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