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    I purchased a generic Case Logic cellphone case for my belt. It was under $16 at Office Max (on sale. CL's site has it for $23) and works great with the Pre. It's leather with nice felt-like lining. It also features a strong clip and secure feeling magnetic clasp.

    It's the clasp that I want to issue a gentle warning on. It's not a problem with the case, but with my use of it. If you're like me, I tend to drop the Pre into the case and let the cover slap into place. Unfortunately, the magnet is so strong that when it closes, it managed to cause some pixel failure when I made the mistake of having the screen facing out.

    The problem isn't a huge one and the pixel are only visible if I look for them. I don't blame Case Logic nor Palm because it really was my usage that caused the issue. It hasn't continued to expand due to the fact that I make sure to face the screen inward, but I wanted to post my experience as a heads-up.
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    A "gentle" warning? Is that like a "minor" emergency or "jumbo" shrimp?

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