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    I recently bought the Nokia BH-905 headset to replace my Motorola S9HD. Thought I'd do a quick review on here for it.

    PROS -
    - *awesome* noice cancellation. Nothing's perfect, but these are the best noise cancelling headphone I've ever tried.
    - people can actually hear and understand me even in crowded/wendy places. (the same people that'd tell me to turn off my bluetooth headset if I was using something different before)
    - Perfect pairing - my moto s9hd has issues pairing.. had to pair it twice to get it to work right. This one's paired perfectly every time.
    - Smaller then I thought. I figured this headset would be huge, and it is large, but it's more comfortable and smaller then I imagined.
    - Headset works perfectly from my FRONT pocket. (with the moto s9 hd, I had to put the headset in my back pocket for it to work right. This one has a much better range then the moto s9 did..)
    - I can hear phone conversations and music perfectly with these in noisy environments, even at low volumes.

    CONS -
    - One main gripe - when walking or running with them, I can hear the thump thump thump of my footsteps through them, and it's *really* annoying.. (I think this is mainly from the headset bouncing around on my head)
    - Price point. $299. Is it worth it? I think so, but I do quite a bit of travelling. This is becoming my headset for airplane use (it comes w/ regular cord on top of bluetooth + adapters/etc for airplane use) / buses / subways/etc - I'll keep using my moto h9 at the gym tho
    - been told that I sound like I'm far away sometimes when talking - but the caller could still understand me (and I was standing in a noisy street corner)

    Overall, I'd recommend them. But the thump-thump-thump of my footsteps is quite annoying. EDIT - getting used to this, and it's only noticible during softer podcats (i.e. talkshows)

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