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    I just got the above linked magnet holder. I put the base in my car and the steel piece between the battery and the door. And it works like a charm!

    I can still use the Touchstone at home and in the car I just slap it in place and plug my charger in.
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    good to know it works with the TS back. Any pics of the install? I'd like to see how you did it.
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    Pretty neat, I think i might purchase one right now. Post pics if possible...
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    I can take a pic but all I did was stick the little round magnet next to a vent.
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    where in the back did u put the other part? I'd like to know how it fits so it don't interfere with any internals
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    Sounds like a cheap solution, I wonder does it interfere with the touchstone back in any way though...
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    Cool idea, but I'm using my Touchstone in my car.

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