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    Key Features
    Voice-Activated Control Over Your Smartphone Applications

    Hear and Manage Email and SMS Messages

    Hear verbal notification of incoming messages as they're received
    Listen as your messages are read aloud to you

    Compose new messages via iLane VoiceNote by speaking aloud

    Manage your inbox with simple voice commands like "Delete", "Call Back" and "Reply"
    Make and Receive Phone Calls

    Transfer between email and phone functionality with a simple voice command

    Make phone calls by simply saying a person's name or phone number out loud

    Answer incoming phone calls with a simple voice command

    Access Your Calendar

    Listen as your calendar events are read aloud to you, on command

    On-Demand News and Weather

    Catch up on the latest headlines, sports, business and entertainment news from Associated Press, and weather forecasts from The Weather Network
    Rely on Secure Data Exchange

    Secure data exchange with your smartphone keeps private information localized in your vehicle, with no need for an external server connection

    Compact, portable design lets you take iLane along if you switch vehicles
    Plus, enjoy these great additional features...

    outstanding customer support regular upgrades to new and enhanced
    iLane functionality

    wow I can really drive safe now, donīt you?

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    a little expensive? and the unit seems large, and my navigation voice sounds better?


    Blackberry - iLane Intelligent Voice Device for BlackBerry

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