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    i have a question. If i order the front only kit from phantomskinz. is it like the full body front pictured for the full bodykit or does is just cover the screen and not the sides?

    im trying to figure out how to protect my pre. im not sure if i want a case or not because i hate them. feels like it takes away from the beauty of the phone but im not really sure about screen protectors either. i just know i will be mad as hell if i scratch my pre lol.

    i have a touchstone back. so i dont think i wanna add a protector to that. it seems fine as is. any advice?
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    I use the front only with the touchstone back. I tried phantom skins on the touchstone back, but from using the touchstone you'll get a nice round mark in the phantom skin and it does not look good.
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    I have the phantomskinz front only, and it does cover the sides (up intil the bezel in between the two havles). I originally had the bacl as well but didn't like the feel of it in hand so I got rid of it.

    so yeah, with the touchstone back I can definitely recommend the phantomskinz screen only
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    I use the phantomskinz front with the hard case from sprint that has the cut out for the touchstone. The pre looks fantastic when I pull everything off, but I wouldn't recommend trying to use the front and back with it as it's too tight of a fit.
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    I use the front only because I have the siedio inno case on my phone and I love it alllll lol
    Here is a direct link to webOS Doc for all carriers
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    I say front skin only. You can buy a new back cover for the phone cheaper then the skin on feebay.
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    I have front and back, and I use a Touchstone. Both front and back wrap around to protect the sides, so the entire phone is protected.

    Using coupons, I managed to get the full set for about $10. Phantom Skinz seems to be perpetually running discount offers, so hunt around and get a deal. They include two sets of Skins, so if you're not happy with your first install, you get a free Mulligan.

    Because the touchstone back has a "fuzzy" matte finish, it's difficult to get the skin to adhere tightly. By this, I don't mean that the skin is going to fall off, but that the adhesive doesn't work its way into the micro grooves in the finish. Result is that the skin on the touchstone back also looks hazy, or somewhat matte. When you place it on the touchstone, the pressure of the touchstone's raised perimeter leaves a shiny black ring on the back skin.

    Unhappy with the look, I reapplied my back skin using TONS of really soapy water (10-20 drops in a glass!) and used lots of pressure when squeegee-ing the skin down. Result this time was a shiny black appearance identical to the original Pre back cover, and the touchstone leaves no ring.
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    I got the full body and couldn't be happier...Phantom Skinz rock.

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